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We manufacture a wide range of Instantaneous water heaters to meet the demanding needs of people wanting showering satisfaction and to cater to the affordability of the various income groups. Our advancement in the water heater technology has enabled us to solve the following problems bugging the consumers:

1.  Low water pressure
2.  High plumbing costs
3.  Messy Installation
4.  Wastage of water and electricity


We put a lot of emphasis in safety feature. One of our break through feature is Auto Test. The heart of this device is a sophisticated microchip which performs the following functions every time it is turned on:-

  • AUTO TEST will run a self-test routine

  • It conducts an auto test (10 seconds) on all circuits and functional worthiness of all the electrical parts to detect any potential hazard such as current leakage (sensitivity of as low as 15mA). It also senses whether there is any current leakage occurringin any part of the heater’s wiring / circuit.

  • Its indicator lights will light up green when all systems are normal. However, upon detection of a problem, the lights will turn red and start blinking and power will be cut off from heater. Thus, it alerts user to call for servicing or repairs. We have incorporated Auto Test in our latest model – The SMART 18 series.

We do not just focus on safety, we also focus on design in order to meet the requirements of the consumers. In 2011, we launched instant water heater come with RAINSHOWER. We have committed ourselves to develop a new product every year because we want to give more choices to the consumers.


We also produce storage water heaters. They come in 5 models, 25, 35, 50, 68, and 91 liters. The storage tank is made of stainless steel. There is the choice of the conventional vertical construction or our innovative horizontal type. We firmly adhere to the philosophy that our products must be of very high standard and constantly strive to incorporate new ideas and technology to manufacture better and more sophisticated wares.